What we do

The Sports Mind Scotland Team offer psychological assessment and therapy for adults (16 years and over). We are based in Dundee and run two clinics

The General Clinical Psychology Clinic, for anyone experiencing Psychological Distress/Mental Health problems

The Sports Clinic, for anyone involved in sport experiencing Mental Health problems or Psychological problems impacting upon performance, or if you just want to learn strategies to improve performance

The Sports Clinic is for all athletes-Amateur and Professionals. Coaches and Teams at any level.

Psychology applied to Sport and Performance can help you;

  • build confidence
  • learn strategies to manage anxiety, including Pre-competition stress
  • learn how to manage and increase self-control leading to greater control over your emotions
  • manage negative thinking leading to improvement in performance
  • learn to manage anxieties around post injury/illness rehabilitation and return to play

If you are experiencing depression or an anxiety disorder impacting upon your performance, Dr Forbes or one of the Sports Mind Scotland Clinical Team will carry out a comprehensive Mental Health/Psychological Assessment and discuss the most appropriate treatment plan with you.

Sports Mind Scotland will also be running Psychology and Sport Programmes for Teams, Coaches and Groups of Individuals. See Coming Soon Section

The General Clinical Psychology Clinic

This service provides assessment and treatment for anyone experiencing psychological problems, such as:

  • depression
  • anxiety disorders (PTSD, phobias, panic disorder, social anxiety, health anxiety, OCD)
  • sleep problems
  • psychological problems related to your physical health (chronic pain, cardiac, diabetes, IBS)
  • work related stress
  • low self-esteem, 
  • poor body image
  • relationship issues
  • low confidenc